Graded glasses

Prescription glasses
All our prescription sunglasses feature 100% UV protection and polarised lenses. Choose the frame model and attach a copy of your prescription. Our opticians will process your order and fit lenses of the appropriate strength in your new sunglasses.

Monofocal lenses
Monofocal lenses are for users who have a single vision issue: near- or far-sightedness, for example. Monofocal lenses feature the same strength in all areas of the lens.

Progressive lenses
Progressive or multifocal lenses feature a gradual transition of strengths, helping correct issues with both short and long vision.

How to order your prescription sunglasses

Most frames in our Performance and Pro-series are available with graded lenses. Delivery time 4-5 w

  1. Choose between monofocal or progressive lenses.
  2. Upload your glasses prescription as a PDF file. Talk to your optician if you need an up-to-date glasses prescription.
  3. Once you have uploaded the prescription, place your new, prescription sunglasses in your shopping basket.

See the example below!



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