About us

About Us

The Idea behind Leech started on a fly fishing trip many years ago to Bosnia where the seasoned anglers of Leech wore the first production eyewear. The gin clear waters in Balkan makes fish shy and in order to fish efficiently and remove the surface glare great polarized sunglasses are an absolute necessity. After a dinner at the fishing camp we met some fellow fly fishermen and while they looked out on the river it became clear that the performance of sunglasses often differs. They simply couldn’t spot half of the fish in the pool. This was nothing new to us since we tried most brands, but for our new friends this was a remarkable experience. Sunglasses were tried and passed around the group and soon everyone agreed that the pool was indeed full of fish.

This experience was the very start of Leech’s further development as a company and the road to design and produce a wider range of models for a greater audience had begun. 

Since we launched 2012 we’ve had a fantastic journey and today we have improved the vision for anglers in over 15 countries on 3 continents. 

Leech Eyewear: Precision Optics for Anglers

Our heritage stems from a deep passion for fishing. Every lens and frame we craft are inspired by a simple purpose: to improve your vision leading to more catches and to protect your eyes from UV rays and hooks. At Leech Eyewear, we blend Scandinavian precision with design features appreciated by fishermen. 

Design, performance and comfort

The main goal for us besides protection of the eyes is to help you see better. We want you to spot hiding trout on cloudy days, to keep you focused without unnecessary fatigue on the brightest days at sea, and to enhance your vision during endless summer nights.

With cutting-edge polarized lenses, we provide the clarity and contrast you need to master any fishing environment, from misty Nordic rivers to sun-drenched tropical seas.

Committed to Sustainability

We're as passionate about protecting our waters as we are about fishing in them. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our practices and products, ensuring we preserve the natural beauty of fishing habitats around the world. We follow technological advancements closely and use as much eco-friendly materials as we possibly can while still maintaining desired durability for avid fishermen. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our eyewear is a trusted companion for thousands of people that live .

Looking into the future

Marine habitats are at great risk, and there’s no need for performance fishing eyewear if there’s no life in the waters. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to water living creatures. Starting with our 2020 collection, we have integrated sustainability ambitions in our framework. All our frames are made of the most durable TR90 bio-plastic version which is free from Bisphenol A. We use recyclable PET for our cleaning bags and aim to minimize the use of plastic packaging material.



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