Returns - Exchange - Shipping and Delivery

As one of the largest suppliers in the Nordic region of fishing glasses, operating with low prices and experienced staff, it is not financially responsible for us to cover return shipping.

  • Return cost: 12 €

Terms and conditions for return and replacement

  • The item must be unused and in new condition.
  • The item must be packed in its original packaging – if it was delivered in such – and for clothing, any labels must still be attached to the garment.
  • The item must be appropriately packed and securely packaged.
  • You are responsible for the item until we have received it, irrespective of who pays the shipping.
  • Of course, if you have received an item in error, we will pay for the return shipping.
  • We do not accept parcels delivered COD.
  • A charge of EUR 12 is applied to all non-approved returns.
  • Customers outside the EU are required to pay all costs associated with returns and replacements.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to process direct product exchanges. Please return the product and place a new order.

Personalised or used products

Personalised products such as glasses with graded lenses to compensate for visual impairments or items where the seal on the packaging has been broken cannot be returned.

The same applies if a product has been used.

Reimbursement for returns

The purchase price of the item will be reimbursed as soon as we have received the item, less any delivery surcharges to accommodate customer requests such as home delivery, express fees or shipment with a company other than our usual carrier. Reimbursement will be made within no more than 14 days. If you paid with a credit/debit card, the payment will be reimbursed directly to your card; alternatively it will be deposited on your account if you paid via bank transfer. The reimbursement should appear on your account statement within a few days of our completing the transaction. Any shipping charges will be deducted from the cost of the item. An amended invoice will be sent to your email address.

Please note that you may forfeit the purchase price either fully or in part if the value of the item has been diminished for any of the following reasons:

•                          You have used the item.

•                          The item is damaged.

•                          The item has been handled incorrectly.

•                          You have removed the original label, etc.

•                          The original packaging of the item has been lost or damaged.

•                          You have cleaned the product.

•                          You have handled the item more than necessary.

•                          You have broken the seal on the item.

Shipping and delivery

UPS Access Point

• 1–3 working days
• Delivery direct to the nearest agent
• Available in all parts of the country

Your parcel is sent to the agent located closest to your address. Please note agents in small towns may operate limited delivery schedules, which can affect the delivery time. Once the parcel has arrived at the agent, you will receive notification and can then collect your parcel on presentation of Swedish ID and the parcel ID. 

Track your parcel

When your order leaves our warehouse, confirmation of delivery will be sent to your email address. The confirmation of delivery contains a link you can click to track your consignment. If you have not received notification that your parcel has arrived, but can see from the tracking link that the parcel has reached the agent, you can collect your parcel on presentation of the parcel ID/tracking number/serial number and photo ID.

At the agent

To collect your parcel, you need to present personal ID and the number that was sent to you in the SMS or email notification. Remember that you will always be required to present photo ID to collect parcels. Only the person whose name appears on the parcel that is allowed to collect it from the agent. The consignment will remain with the mail agent for 14 days before being returned to us. We reserve the right to debit the costs for shipping and handling if the parcel is not collected. Therefore, please note that if you cancel your purchase and wish to return the item, it usually pays to collect the parcel from the agent and then return it manually.

Delayed delivery

Delivery times may sometimes be extended in the event of unforeseen delays.


Leech is a Scandinavian eyewear brand. Our range is packed with products that are perfect for fishing and other activities on and around the water.

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